Scooby-Doo & Barbara too!

So who's in this adventure? We have a talking Great Dane named Scooby-Doo and four teenagers: Fred "Freddie" Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, and Norville "Shaggy" Rogers. These five characters (officially referred to collectively as "Mystery, Inc.") drive around the world in a van called the "Mystery Machine," and solves mysteries typically involving tales of ghosts and other supernatural forces.

And in the other corner we have Barbara (Babs): She’s 36yo brunette, 5ft 6in tall with 36DD saggy boobs, with a great pair of nipples, and quite a large ass. Being a prim and proper, church going Girl Scout Instructor – she's also quite “Plain Jane” looking, has a friendly, always smiling face, and her large nose and her thin lips don't make her the most attractive female, though her large boobs, and her cock sucking technique go a long way in offsetting her looks!

The Curse of the Creepy Camp-site – part 1

Velma had received a very strange postcard from her cousin Vern who was on a Scout Jamboree with a group of British Scouts and Guides. The postcard was of a large forest next to a large lake with the words “Welcome to Camp Biggaboob” along the bottom. Vern, knowing of Velma's interest in ghosts and mysteries, had written that various strange events were happening at the camp and suggested that Velma and the gang should come and investigate. At the bottom of the postcard it had an email address so that the team could contact him on the camp. Velma sighed, “Computer Cafés available at a Scout Jamboree – whatever next!” she thought as she logged in to the gangs laptop computer. Being the administrator allowed Velma to check to see what the other guys were looking at and storing – Shaggy just seemed to be interested in various food related sites, though there were some accesses to food in porn sites, Daphne was interested in shopping for clothes whilst Freddie seemed to be interested in the more “exotic” websites. Finding nothing interesting, Velma settled down to composing an email for her cousin – descriptions of the occurrences, location etc. She had pressed send, and started surfing for her favourite sites – female dominating females websites, especially if the dominating female wore glasses. Velma smiled as she clicked through a collection of pictures by her favourite porn star using a massive strap-on dildo on a mature brunette with large saggy boobs. Just as she was getting aroused, an email pinged back from Vern. The email read as follows:

“ Dear Velma,

Glad you are interested. It looks like all the stuff is happening to one British Girl Guide Instructor. Two days ago she says she was found tied to the central flag pole only wearing her underwear. The next day she was found tied to the main gate, but this time without her bra, but with her arms covering her breasts. Each time she was found asleep, and she says that she can't remember anything of how she came to be in that situation. I've attached a couple of pictures that one of the guys who found her took.”

Velma opened the attached pictures. The first set of pictures were of a large boobed brunette, about 5ft 6in tall in a girl guide uniform, though the skirt she was wearing was barely covering her buttocks, and you could definitely see the tops of her stockings. The next set were of the same woman but tied to a flag pole. The only items of clothing she had on were a pair of high heels with 6in heels, stockings and suspenders, a very small g-string that barely covered her vagina lips and a half cup bra that was too small for her breasts and that just concealed her hard nipples but the tops of her areola were clearly visible. The third set of pictures were of the same female tied to the main gate of Camp Biggaboob, blindfolded and with a ball gag stretching her thin lipped mouth. Her arms were tied above her head. This time she was braless, the ropes holding her to the gate were wrapped around the bases of her ample boobs looking like two small watermelons as they'd turned purple, the only thing maintaining her modesty were two fig-leaves, attached to her tits by what looked like nails hammered into the tips of her nipples. “Jinkies,” thought Velma, as she licked her lips, “how did she not know what was going on.” She continued to read the email:

“The instructors name is Barbara Jay, and she denies that anything mysterious is going on and blames it on sleepwalking, or the scouts playing pranks on her. We've heard that a troop of boy scouts went missing in these woods years ago when their female Instructor gave them the wrong maps, and that maybe the scouts have come back for revenge. If you decided to come and investigate, we need pictures of all of the gang so that I could pass them onto security.

Hope to see you guys soon,


When Velma told the rest of the gang about the mystery, and showed them the pictures of Barbara, Freddie and Shaggy seemed very keen to start. Whilst telling Daphne about the requirements of pictures resulted in her going on a massive shopping and beauty treatment spree that Velma could only marvel at!

All the rest of the gang had their pictures taken by Freddie, and then they waited as Daphne took ages in posing for her shot. After Daphne had rejected the tenth shot in a row, Velma had had enough and said “You do know that these Scouts will probably be jerking over our pictures, just like they're jerking over the pictures of that Girl Guide!” making Daphne blush in embarrassment. After sending the pictures, the gang packed for their trip. After seeing the pictures of Barbara, both Velma and Freddie packed some special items, dildos, strap-ons, hand-cuffs and a few other special bondage items. Shaggy just packed food for himself and Scooby-Doo, whilst Daphne packed all sorts of dresses. Packing all the stuff in the van, they set off in the Mystery Machine to Camp Biggaboob...

Meanwhile at Camp Biggaboob...

Barbara had agreed to fly with the Scouts from the UK to a Jamboree in the USA, but she hadn't known what would be facing her when she got there. It had all started so sedately in comparison to what she'd been subjected to at the camp earlier in the year by the scouts. As always she was wearing her new Girl Guide uniform; a near see through rough blouse, a neckerchief, black stockings and suspenders, a short micro-mini that barely covered her ass cheeks, and a pair of 3 inch black high heels that caused the mini to always ride up revealing her stocking tops. The only concession the scouts had allowed was that she was allowed to wear underwear as they thought she'd be arrested as a prostitute! Barbara met the scouts in the main foyer of the airport, and she was the last to arrive, pulling her suitcase behind her. “Ah, Arkela, glad you made it.” said the lead scout, “We have a few things that we'd like you to take with you,” he added pointing at the bag at his feet, “as well as wearing something for the flight.” He smiled at this point, and said “But first we'd like to see what types of underwear you have brought with you.” Barbara nodded and had started to head to one side of the check-in hall, but the scout stopped her. Looking around she'd turned bright red as she opened her suitcase, and began pulling out her underwear for inspection. Knowing the predilection of the scouts, Barbara had brought a range of shear half and quarter cup bras, with matching g-strings. The scouts all nodded their appreciation as she was forced to hold each item of underwear to her body, before being given a collection of dildos, butt-plugs and condoms to put in her suitcase. One item she was handed, and told to push into her vagina – a string of four metal balls. As Barbara stared at them, the scout said “They're love balls,” and added, smiling, “They have heavy metal ball bearings which roll around inside the casing and when you move they create a sensation of movement that can be really stimulating.” Each ball was the size of a pool ball, about 2 inches in diameter, attached by a string. “Could you put them in now?” asked the scout, as they gathered around Barbara. She'd pulled her miniskirt up over her hips and slightly crouched to open her thighs wider, before pulling aside her g-string. She'd then inserted the balls one by one into her already damp and throbbing sex, making her breathe raggedly and the muscles on her inner thighs to jump and quiver. Once she'd finished and she'd pulled her skirt back down, they started towards check-in. Being slightly late, the boys all dashed to the desks, making Barbara jog along precariously on her high heels, but also made the love balls churn deep within her cunt. Her legs had shook as the sensations coursed through her body. Due to the new security situation in airports, all bags were being x-rayed before they were checked in. Barbara was panting, her large chest heaving, straining the buttons on her uniform, as she placed her bag on the machine and then proceeded through the metal detector. There was a queue for the detector, so Barbara was just about to step through the detector when her suitcase was being checked. A few of the guys by the screen spotted all the sex toys in her luggage and pointed at her, just as she was stepping through the machine. With the metal love balls rolling in her cunt she stepped gingerly through, and automatically set off the metal detector. The scouts stood waiting after the detector, “Come on Miss, we'll miss our flight.” “Can you remove all your metal items and put them in this tray.” asked the female security guard. Barbara blushed, as she waived over the guard and whispered in her ear why the detector had gone off. Sighing, the guard used a metal detector wand over Barbara's body. The machine squealed as she swept the device over Barbara's womb, and also went off when the guard scanned over Barbara's breasts, obviously because of her bra. “Right, can you step behind that screen and remove all metal objects,” the guard said to her, “and I mean all metal objects.” Barbara nodded, took one of the plastic trays, and stepped behind the screen, squatted slightly pulled her panties to one side and tried to pull out the metal love balls, stretching her vaginal lips wide over each ball as she yanked on the string. Her vaginal muscles spasmed sucking the balls back in, as each ball stretched her cunt. Barbara had to pull even harder before it plopped out, making her legs quiver, and she had to hold onto the screen to stop herself from collapsing. After she'd pulled all the balls out, they were dripping with her vaginal juices and she plopped them in the tray. Panting, she then turned her attention to her bra. Pulling her blouse from the top of her skirt, and reached up and unhooked the bra in back. Barbara then reached up one sleeve and pulled the shoulder strap down past her elbow, then worked her arm out of it and pulled the bra out the other sleeve. She quickly added her glamorous half cup bra into the plastic tray. She hurried back to the security gate, causing her large braless breasts to wobble uncontrollably under her uniform, rubbing her nipples making them harden. Blushing she handed the tray to the female security guard who placed the tray on the x-ray machine. After passing back through the detector Barbara waited for the love balls and bra to pass back through the machine. The guards smiled as she picked up the tray. “Can you leave the tray please Miss.” said the guard. Barbara blushed again as she picked up her bra and the love balls. “Oh, and by the way,” the guard added, “I wouldn't try wearing those items through US customs.” She joined the scouts who had already checked in. “Arkela,” said the head scout, “You can put the items back after you check in.” Barbara nodded, and quickly checked in. The rest of the journey went without much of a hitch apart from in America, she had to pop into the toilets to extract the love balls and take off her bra before heading through customs, and the scouts even left her alone on the coach trip to the camp (which actually worried Barbara with what they were planning for her)!

Meanwhile, the gang are on their way to the camp...

It was nearly dawn as the Mystery Machine wound it's way through the mountainous and forested terrain to the camp. Velma had gotten the short straw and was driving the last leg to the actual camp, whilst the rest of the gang snoozed in the van. “I'm sure the camp is close buy.” she thought, as she wound slowly down the tree lined road. All of a sudden the vans lights picked out a group of ghostly figures in the wood. As the vans lights passed over them, the figures seemed to disappear into the night. Velma parked the van beside the road and pulled out the 6 cell torch from the glove compartment. As she hoisted the heavy, long, black torch, and stepped out into the dark forest heading to where the group of ghostly figures had been gathered.

As Velma walked through the trees the torch caught the outline of tents, and the group had actually been under a canopy, with various cooking utensils stacked under tables. Getting closer she could see that something like a large turkey was still left on one of the tables, and when the torch beam fell on it Velma saw that it was a woman lying on a table with her wrists tied to her stockinged and high-heeled shod legs. Velma knew immediately that it was the female instructor from the pictures that were sent by her cousin. The canopy was at the back of one of the scout camps, and Barbara would have been found in this uncompromising position, trussed up like a turkey ready for roasting, in the morning when the cook had woken up. As she got closer, Barbara didn't move, even though the torch beam was shone at her face.

“I wonder what's wrong with her?” thought Velma as she finally could inspect Barbara's predicament more closely. The strange glow that Velma had seen from the Mystery Machine was a lantern that had been knocked over in the rush to escape the scene of Barbara's humiliation. She then leant over Barbara and looked at her face. Barbara stared back, as if in a trance, not registering Velma at all. Looking around, Velma leant even closer so that her lips brushed Barbara's thin lipped mouth and was surprised when Velma felt Barbara open her mouth. She could feel Barbara's tongue pushing on her lips, and they were soon locked in a French kiss. Barbara's tongue darted in and out of Velma's mouth, flicking the tip of her tongue and entwining their tongues together. Breaking off the deep kiss, Velma panted, wiped the spittle from her lips, and looked at Barbara's face again. She was surprised to find Barbara still staring vacantly into space. “Most interesting!” thought Velma as she stood upright. Her eyes broke off from Barbara's vacant stare, and started wandering down her body to her large 36DD tits. Someone had wrapped cling-film tightly around the base of each of the massive boobs, making the saggy bags of flesh sit pertly on her chest , slowly going purple from the trapped blood. The nipples had been covered by a couple of doughnuts that were held in place by a pair of birthday candle holders pushed through the doughnuts and splitting open the tip of Barbara's nipples.

Velma walked around the stocking clad legs, and the first thing she saw was a bucket that had once been filled with a sticky white fluid. Even from this distance she could tell and smell that it was sperm. “Jinkies,” she thought, “That would have contained gallons of cum! I wonder how they collected it.” Standing in what remained of the sperm was a 11in turkey baster. “Seems that whoever is doing this was trying to get Barbara here pregnant.” mused Velma. She continued her investigation and shone her torch at Barbara's vagina, and saw that a second turkey baster had been inserted into Barbara's cunt. Her labia had been stretched wide open with bulldog clips that were attached to the tops of her stockings. Examining closer, Velma surmised “Hmm, normally the vaginal tract is 3 to 4in before the cervix is encountered, so the turkey baster must be inserted deep into the uterus.” Velma pulled on the baster, and the long plastic tool slid and slurped out of Barbara's sloppy cunt. As the tip of the tool pulled out, cum dribbled out of the wide open vagina and down Barbara's ass crack to join a large pool of cum on the table below her large ass. “Looks like some one had already emptied quite a few loads into her.” Velma thought as she filled the turkey baster with what remained of the cold sticky fluid. She shone her powerful torch into Barbara's cum coated and stretched open vagina, and could see the now loosened cervix, the opening to Barbara's uterus, opening and closing obscenely. As it opened and closed, cum spat out of the overfull uterus, adding to the cum lining Barbara's cunt. “Might as well finish the job” Velma smiled to herself, “A bit more cum is hardly going to make much difference to Barbara.” she thought as she started to insert the long plastic turkey baster into Barbara's gaping vagina.

Meanwhile back at the Mystery Machine...

Both Shaggy's and Scooby's stomachs rumbled at the same time and they rumbled so loudly that it woke them both up. Stirring from the back of the van, they noticed they weren't moving. “Jeepers” said Shaggy to Scooby, “ I wonder if Velma felt hungry and went looking for some food!” “Yer!” said Scooby, “I can smell a kitchen nearby!” “Lets go” replied Shaggy as they quietly made there way out of the van into the woods. Scooby with his food sensing honed to a tee lead the way through the woods until they saw what looked like a kitchen in the woods, and Velma doing something to a large turkey . As they came closer they saw that the turkey was the Girl Guide Instructor Barbara they'd seen on the pictures. Both Shaggy's and Scooby's cocks hardened as they watched Velma trying to force a large turkey baster into the Girl Guides cunt.

“Come on!” Velma panted, as she tried to force it past the cervix “You've had this in you so many times this should be easy!” With one more push, Barbara's body jerked as her cervix finally allowed the plastic intruder into her womb. “Right!” said Velma to herself, as she pushed the baster all the way in. Making sure she didn't pull the baster out through the cervix, Velma retracted the tool before slamming it back hard into Barbara cum filled uterus, forcing the cum up Barbara's fallopian tubes and making Barbara's stomach bulge from the insertion. At the end of each stroke, Velma squirted some cum from the baster by squeezing the bulb. As Velma continued to rape Barbara's womb with the baster, Barbara's body started to buck and jerk with each thrust,, making the two doughnuts attached to her large tits via her nipples shake and wobble.

Shaggy looked on in disbelief and quickly got his dick out of his trousers, jerking away as he stared at the the two doughnuts dribbled jam down the swaying and bouncing boobs. Scooby just stared as his hard-on jerked with each bounce of Barbara's massive boobs. Just as Shaggy was about to shoot his load he heard something large moving through the trees behind him. Turning he saw a large group of ghostly figures floating towards them. “G-G-G-G-GHOOOOSSSTS!” yelled Shaggy, and burst out of the woods running away from floating apparitions. Scooby was right behind him. Velma, startled, yanked the turkey baster all the way out of Barbara's cunt before being knocked into the table by Shaggy, which dumped Barbara off the table onto her knees by the table. Scooby, trying to avoid the tangle that Velma and Shaggy were in, headed straight for Barbara's prone body. Trying to stop, Scooby skidded towards her upturned ass and gaping vagina with which his hard cock seemed to line up perfectly. As Scooby's cock jammed into her cunt the knot started to swell. He was sliding so fast, that the knot slipped into Barbara's cunt, which seemed to wake her from her trance. She screamed and shook her head from side to side as she felt the dog's cock slam into her hard. His knot was half way inflated and it was obvious that it would be as big as a tennis ball very soon.

The dog's knot filled and stretched her tortured cunt more than any other impalement she had been made to suffer and, as Scooby continued to try to escape, it made his cock jerk inside her vagina and she could feel the first tinges of an orgasm begin. Barbara shouted out "Stop struggling, get off me!" trying to get the dog to stop. But then she felt his cock enlarge and began to shoot dog cum against her womb entrance. She heard the dog say “Scooby dooby doooo!”, as the first shot out of Scooby's cock stunned Barbara's senses. It was hot. She could feel it and it was hotter than her own internal temperature. Whilst he was cumming, he stood over her not moving, just unloading his balls into her. About every five seconds he spurted into Barbara's ravaged cunt. It must have taken two full minutes for him to finish.

As Shaggy slammed into Velma they fell in a heap next to Barbara and Scooby. Shaggy scrambled to get up “G-G-G-G-GHOOOOSSSTS!” he continued to shout . “Whaa – gaargh” came the choked reply from Velma as Shaggy's dick unexpectedly entered her open mouth. Feeling the tightening of Velma's throat on his cock, Shaggy immediately started to cum, shooting a couple of loads straight down her throat. Velma pulled the still spurting cock out of her mouth , accidentally firing a few streams of sperm over her glasses and nose.

With all the noise and commotion in the kitchen area, the camp had started to wake, and started to gather to look at the tangle of bodies. The noise was so loud that Daphne and Freddie had also arrived at the scene of bestiality. Barbara tried to hide her face as the crowd gathered as she and Scooby were still fastened together. Scooby threw a back leg over her and they were locked ass to ass for another fifteen minutes. When his knot finally shrank he pulled free of her with a wet popping sound and his cum gushed out onto her stockinged legs and some sprayed on the floor.

By this time, Velma's cousin had arrived and some of the scouts had released Barbara, taken out the birthday candle holders out of her nipples, and given her a blanket to cover herself with. Daphne took her back to her tent, whilst Velma and the rest of the team started to examine the scene of the mystery and to question Vern. Shaggy and Scooby, both exhausted after their adventures, noticed the two doughnuts that were pinned to Barbara's tits. Velma and Freddie started searching the surrounding area for clues. “Look at this guys.” said Freddie, holding up a pile of paper, and a plastic bin bag. “It's a load of emails to ' most of them saying that they're enjoying her adventures on camp, and that they're sending as requested a condom full of their cum.” Velma opened the bag and it was full of empty condoms. “Must be at least a couple of hundred condoms in here!” she said, “That explains how they collected all the cum to try to impregnate Barbara!”